Autism Study

Autism Study

Currently there is a large global study using 100 well trained NAET practitioners on a group of 1296 autistic children (ages 2 to 10) to determine the effectiveness of NAET in Autism Spectrum Disorder. Earlier published research showed dramatic improvement, with 23/30 children receiving treatment being able to return to regular schools (vs 0/30 in the untreated control group).

Dr Ruben’s office is currently a participating site in this study. Before entering the study, children must have a diagnosis of Autism from a psychologist, neurologist or a psychiatrist. Part of initial screening will include blood tests for IgE allergies, a five minute interactive video, initial evaluations in the office and functional testing. The NAR Foundation will pay for these evaluations. This translates to over $3000.00 and this will be free for you. All children who desire to participate in the study must go through a pre-screening using laboratory testing for serum IgE-specific allergens. If the children have high IgE readings on foods they will not be admitted to this Autism study. This will be a placebo controlled study. The children will be treated twice a week over 4-6 months for 36 key groups of allergens. Treatments are simple and gentle, using acupressure and taking ~ 30 minutes. Each treatment can eliminate one food sensitivity, and children will need to avoid the treated food for 25 hours after each treatment. The food avoidance list will be provided to you by your treating NAET practitioner. The children are permitted to continue their usual therapies they were on prior to entering the study. After completion of the treatments for 36 food groups, both the treatment and placebo group will be reevaluated for all initial evaluations. Children in the placebo group will be offered free treatments after they complete the study. Children for this study should not have received NAET treatments prior to entering the study. We will require a letter from your physician confirming your child’s autism diagnosis.

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Here is a video summary of the 2004/2005 NAET/NARF Autism Study

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